NEW ALBUM: Heart of the Forest (Music from Secret of Mana)

In celebration of the remake of Secret of Mana, we decided to make our own arranged soundtrack of Hiroki Kikuta's masterpiece. We decided to even arrange the track list in the exact order of the original score, but the music itself is refreshing and new, yet nostalgic and familiar. As you can expect from us, we made sure to have each instrument performed so that you get the ultimate experience.  

We encourage you to purchase on Bandcamp as that is the outlet in which you can help support us the most, but you may also purchase from iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Deezer. If those aren't your thing, then you may listen to the album on Spotify.  

Your support will help us with our next album, which we are planning to cover another very popular RPG game from the SNES era. We want to do physical albums and we are already beginning live concerts. If you own a venue (pub, comic book shop, book store, game store, music venue, etc.) and would like us to perform for you, please contact us! 


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