Who are The Travelers VGM?

The Travelers VGM cover VGM favorites and obscure selections in folk arrangements of various styles from Celtic, Nordic, Slavic, Spanish, and even Asian traditions. Their membership includes players of a broad variety of instruments from many different parts of the world. 

For those who love Yasunori Mitsuda's Millennial Fair and his Xenogears CREID album you will be treated to something that embraces the source yet presents something fresh in a live acoustic setting. Featuring members from the Materia Collective, Triforce Quartet, and Tetrimino. The Travelers are a supergroup of some of the most passionate performers and arrangers seeking to bring a unique acoustic experience unlike anything before. Since their inception, The Travelers VGM have made two major album releases (The Travelers and Ode to the Lovers), three EPs (Winterhearth, Prelude to a Fantasy, and Aontacht), contributed tracks to Patient Corgi's Tribute Album 64, Materia Collective's SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X Besaid Mix, and created an arrangement for Obsidian Entertainment in tribute to Pillars of Eternity.  With a few releases scheduled for 2018, The Travelers continue to move their wagon forward to the next tavern (and album)!

So sit back, enjoy a drink, and be transported to a unique aural experience of battles, epic journeys, knights, queens, and lands of your best gaming memories.