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If ever there were a “supergroup” for video game music, it has to be The Travelers VGM... Every song on this album is a hit... If you love global folk music, and Secret of Mana, you owe it to yourself to put this in your collection.”

Jason Parker (OnRPG)

We didn't think it could get much better, but it seems we were wrong - if you take the Secret of Mana OST and get a group of talented folk artists to reproduce it in their own style, you get something really special indeed.”

Damien McFerran (Nintendo Life)

Key moments from the classic Squaresoft RPG can be enjoyed again through these wonderful arrangements, including the majestic opening theme “Angel’s Fear” arranged with soothing mandolin and flute, the whimsical dungeon theme, “Into the Thick of It” done on harp and ocarina, and the adventurous flight theme, “Flammie and I” performed with Irish whistle and guitar. ”


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Wagon Sale Concluded 

We want to thank everyone who made our 50% off sale a success! We are currently at work on the next thing and we can't wait to reinvest what you have given to create an even better album. For those that missed our caravan rolling in, don't fret! Who knows when we might bring the discounts out again? 

50% OFF WAGON SALE! Limited Time Only! 

For those who missed out on picking up our top four albums, now is your chance! Please click the links below on the respective album to receive the 50% discount on each. Remember this sale is for a short time so come, bring a friend (and their friends), to our wagon! 

Heart of the Forest (Secret of Mana)
Ode to the Lovers 
Prelude to a Fantasy (Final Fantasy EP)
The Travelers (Debut)

We hope this eases the burden of your coin purse a little. Also mind the rabbites and (I can't stress this enough) DON'T feed the chocobos. Especially Fluffy.

NEW RELEASE: Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask 

Today marks the release of not only a new Travelers VGM track, but also a new Materia album! We are very proud to be part of FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask. Arranger Josh Barron crafted an Arabian styled version of Stone Tower Temple which features a wide variety of musicians from our band as well as a guest percussion artist Isaku Kageyama. 

We hope you will check out the entire album or, at the very least, our contribution. You may find the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, and TIDAL

NEW Interview with CHSR-FM's Electric Metropolis  Podcast

Co-Producers Josh Barron, Masha Lepire, and Ian Martyn sit down with host AD Springer of Electric Metropolis (Canada's own CHSR-FM)  to discuss the new album Heart of the Forest as well as gaming, what is in store for the future, and how the band formed.  The podcast is free and can be listened to in its entirety HERE.

NEW ALBUM: Heart of the Forest (Music from Secret of Mana) 

In celebration of the remake of Secret of Mana, we decided to make our own arranged soundtrack of Hiroki Kikuta's masterpiece. We decided to even arrange the track list in the exact order of the original score, but the music itself is refreshing and new, yet nostalgic and familiar. As you can expect from us, we made sure to have each instrument performed so that you get the ultimate experience.  

We encourage you to purchase on Bandcamp as that is the outlet in which you can help support us the most, but you may also purchase from iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Deezer. If those aren't your thing, then you may listen to the album on Spotify.  

Your support will help us with our next album, which we are planning to cover another very popular RPG game from the SNES era. We want to do physical albums and we are already beginning live concerts. If you own a venue (pub, comic book shop, book store, game store, music venue, etc.) and would like us to perform for you, please contact us! 


New Music Video and Single! 

Because we love our fans, you can find this single track on Bandcamp free of charge! If you wish to support us, we have a "pay what you want" feature and to help us in the FF contest you may share our video with #FF30th :). Thank you for being so kind to us!

RAVE REVIEWS OF Ode to the Lovers! 

Check out what people are saying about our latest album! 

Simon Smith from Higher Plain Music: 

"...they've [The Travelers] have returned with beautiful collection of acoustic tracks that are perfect for forest roaming, tavern chilling and nights with low lights and candles." 


"My VGM arrangement album of the year? Probably!" 

Jason Parker from 

"every single one [track] is expertly done in this Eastern European style while also maintaining the original feel of the initial track." 

"From songs that you can dance to more moody, melodic songs that beg for a pipe and a fire to reflect in front of, this has it all." 

To purchase our latest release, please visit our Bandcamp page or if you are more into streaming before you buy you may find the album on Spotify! 

Most importantly, thank you for all of the support you have given us! We have received such a positive response to our music and this makes us want to create more for you.  

Stay tuned for more news!

NEW ALBUM: Ode to the Lovers 

We are very proud to release our 2nd album: Ode to the Lovers! This album is a timeless collection of music centered around love themes, "Ode to the Lovers" is a fitting tribute to music's most popular subject. You will find light and happy pieces such as "Threads of Fate" and "Snowy" to heartfelt and cozy works such as "Suteki da Ne", "Home", and "Seal of the Wind". Familiar arrangers and musicians return along with newcomers such as FirahFabe, Kenny Reichelderfer, Trey Hodge, and Julie Sakalys! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the end of summer than giving you the chance to fall in love with this album!